Here are a few scripts that I use and find pretty useful. I call these general scripts just because they don't necessarily belong to any particular DAW but still have a place in my workflow. 

Feel free to grab them from the folder on the right.


Here are a handful of scripts/services that I've made for Digital Performer and ProTools. Some of these come in my TouchOSC templates but I've broken them out here in case anybody wants to use them on their own without having to dig them out of Osculator. 

You can download them from the folders on the right. 


So what the heck is a Service? Well, I'm no expert but I think it gives you the ability to add functionality to an application through the use of Automator. I know. It sounds scary and thats what I thought too but it really isn't very difficult. Plus, with a little bit of effort you can do some pretty cool stuff. 

So. Lets make a Service!

Here are my TouchOSC/Osculator templates for Digital Performer and ProTools. These are always a work in progress for me and I really enjoy the problem solving that goes along with making these remotes. 

These are free for you to use or learn from or whatever. If you have any questions or comments or suggestions let me know.

You can download them from the folders on the right.