This album started just as an experiment. I wanted to see how far I could push a single sound source.


I wanted to know what I could do with this sound that it didn't already do.

I wanted to know how many sounds it could become.


The challange I set for myself for this album was I could only use sounds that I could make from this one single source. 


ECHO  is the iterations of what this singular sound once was, while the actual source is never heard.


It is still in production but in the

meantime you can listen to these tracks from the album.




Cycles - bryan leach - ECHO
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Chasm - bryan leach - ECHO
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Solitude - bryan leach - ECHO
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Fragments is a place to share my musical thoughts, ideas and experiments. It is free from genre, length, and instrumentation where I can post unfinished and unrelated work that may or may not lead to final tracks. 


I hope you enjoy this peek inside my process.