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“…Beyond its sensational cinematic-inspired instrumental samples, it’s the inclusion of sound-design gems that make Audio Imperia’s products really impressive...These additions have become a trademark of Audio Imperia, and Areia follows suit superbly. The Sound Design menu provides some amazingly luscious pads derived from conventional strings, and are a brilliant backdrop to the more conventional acoustic content.”


"...Hanger 5 delivers a non orchestral area of sound design, but don't make the mistake of dismissing this. The extensive selection of sound design is a soundtrack writers dream...The Mech Hits are simply outstanding while the high quality Drones offer other worldly movement...These sound design hits are essential listening for any soundtrack composer."


"...Audio Imperial has an excellent reputation for sound design and Talos Volume Two in no exception. Each sound design patch is sample driven and completely derived from the original content...Some of them could really be considered tracks in their own right and the quality of production is absolutely second to none; it's sound design at its highest level."


"...In addition to drums, this library is loaded with bonus content including temple synced drum loops and sound design elements created from the original source material...For a TV or library composer who writes lots of underscores, these loops are going to be incredibly useful and the sound design elements sound otherworldly, disturbing, intense, and all those other adjectives you associate with trailer sound design...Between the natural recordings, processed punchers, and bonus sound design, Cerberus could carry your trailer percussion needs for a very long time."


"...Bryan Leach created some great bonus content of loops and sound design for this library. To give you some sense of the sound design, and not necessarily to name drop, think of the sound effects from The Avengers, Transformers, Star Wars, Terminator and a plethora of others...There are some real gems in here that will surely find their way into you next trailer..."