Out now! PTRX is an iPad controller for Pro Tools including intigrated controls for Izotope's RX4.

Have all of your most used commands right at your fingertips.  Grab it today and check the video walk through!



5 banks of 24 menu buttons each for a total of

120 menu commands on one page


2 user banks to create your own custom 

 commands or group your most used items in 

 one place


acces up to 8 templates and launch directly from

the iPad


a center section with acces to all the windows

from memory locations to creating window 

configs to playback, edit and record modes


tool bar and common edit commands always 

available no matter what page you're in for easy 

and quick access


number pad with 3 funtions to easily

recall up to 10 memory locations

recall up to 10 window configurations

and of course..use as a standard number pad


multi-function navagation pad can switch

between track height, zoom, move selection, 

and track view


RX4 page with pretty much everything you need


a fully funtional qwerty keyboard with user 

definable shortcut keys 


and more







touchosc  - hexler.net

osculator - osculator.net